A new substance made from mushrooms can bond with taste receptors on your tongue to overcome unpleasant flavors

MycoTechnology is a Colorado-based biotech startup that's developing a mushroom powder called ClearTaste to completely block the taste of bitterness. There are other bitter blockers on the market, but ClearTaste claims to be universal. The powder, which comes from mycelia, works on a molecular level. It bonds to taste receptors on your tongue to block the perception of bitterness in your brain.

There are 25 bitter receptors on your tongue, and currently, the most successful synthetic bitter blocker can block around ten. To cover up the rest of the taste, manufacturers often resort to sugar, which means ClearTaste can reduce sugar content of foods from 50 to 90 percent. It takes just a tiny amount of the powder to overcome bitterness, which means that you may never even see it on an ingredients list.

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