The installation in an Amsterdam terminal lets travelers float through a series of billowing 3D digital shapes

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarden has created an installation within an Amsterdam airport that lets travelers walk past and float through 3D clouds. The airport mural called “Beyond” spans 112 meters across the walls of a departure terminal. The clouds are comprised of 160 billion pixels, and use a 3D printing technology that gives them the illusion of movement when viewed from different angles.

Tinted LED lamps embedded within the walls add to the illusion of depth. Roosegaarden was inspired by light in the works of 17th century Dutch masters, and wanted to use technology to recreate the poetry. “I wanted to create a place for people to dream a bit, be mesmerized, and unplug in this super hectic and sometimes no-nonsense environment,” Roosegaarden told Design Boom.

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