Wear your favorite memory on your shorts thanks to a new app that will print any image onto a tailored piece of swimwear

Do you want to make tangible memories? You can start with a pair of shorts. Swimwear designer Orlebar Brown allows customers to turn any photo into perfectly tailored swim trunks through the app SnapShorts.

Swimwear brand Orlebar Brown is known for its commitment to photography, and SnapShorts perfectly translates the art into a product. Orlebar Brown has been using high-quality printing photography for its swimwear, but now the brand wants customers to be in the drivers seat. Capture any shot of an outdoor scene, a memorable event, or your own doodle or drawing and use the app to order a pair of shorts. The swimsuits will arrive at your doorstep in three weeks. SnapShorts is free to download in The App Store and The Play Store. Next time you go to the beach, you can wear your favorite birthday photo already!

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