The prepaid cards are a partnership with WageWorks, letting uberPool users save up to 40% on their trip

uberPool riders in New York will be happy to learn that they can now pay for rides using their pretax dollars. With this latest feature, Uber says commuters who uberPool can save up to 40% on their commute.

This offer works for employees enrolled in WageWorks. WageWorks seeks benefits for employees against their taxable income. Under their commuter benefit program, they seek to lower the cost of pooling by allowing riders to spend their pretax money on the qualified purchase.

To activate the offer, users need to ennroll the prepaid Visa cards provided by Wageworks on their Uber account. By doing so, the rider automatically limits his uberPools to six-seater cars. Pools on smaller cars do not qualify as a tax-free commute. While this useful feature is for now just available in New York, Uber is eyeing to bring it to more cities in US soon.

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