Created by Japanese company Fantastick, the accessory will help you navigate back to it if you ever leave it behind

Jonas is a smart umbrella created by Japanese company Fantastick who will make sure you never lose it. This umbrella has charm and personality, but more importantly has features that will help make sure you never lose it, which is pretty important for an $105 umbrella. Jonas comes with a paired mobile app, and it warn you if its been left behind, along with directions back to him. The device can also alert you if you leave your phone behind.

Jonas will also give you the daily weather forecast via a LED light on its handle before even leaving the house and sync with Yahoo Weather on the app to give seven-day forecasts. You won't even need to keep your phone in your pocket on a rainy day–Jonas can do the work of alerting you if you get a phone call or a text message.

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