The new concept fits more travelers into the cabin without sacrificing space or privacy

The problem with flying business class is twofold. Firstly, ticket markups can break the bank for non-frequent flyers, and secondly, there aren’t innumerable benefits given the sums being dished out to fly. Looking to remedy these common frustrations, United Airlines’ new Polaris business class seating arrangement thinks its found a compromise between passenger comfort and seating capacity.


By angling the seats in a kaleidoscopic arrangement, everyone is given a clear path to the lavatory, which on an eight+ hour flight can be the difference between clear skies and a ruptured bladder. In fact, the design is so unusual that it’s patented, and will be set to appear on United’s 777s next year, with 767s, 787s, and Airbus A350s scheduled to follow. According to Skift, the design will be exclusive to United Airlines for the next five years before other airlines can copy it for themselves.

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