The airline partnered with Tribeca Film Festival to release exclusive in-flight documentary

In-flight entertainment is imbued in the airplane experience—catching up on tv shows and watching feature movies is a favorite pastime of many travelers. But today, with Wi-Fi available 35,000 feet in the air, there’s more possibilities for distraction than ever before. As a result, airlines are beginning to think about content, distribution and access in entirely new ways. 

Flying into the future of entertainment, United Airlines, the official sponsor of Team USA, partnered with Tribeca Film Festival to create an exclusive documentary about hopeful Olympic athletes. The feature film, created for inflight viewing, profiles the journey of 5 athletes as they train and compete for the opportunity to represent the United States in the Rio 2016 Olympics. The documentary captures the spirit and diversity of each American athlete as they fight against thousands of people for a spot in the games. 

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