Vending Machine Dispenses Freshly Baked Baguettes

Vending Machine Dispenses Freshly Baked Baguettes
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Satisfy French bread cravings with this portable bakery that serves warm loaves 24/7

Azalea Pena
  • 16 august 2016

If you can believe it, there is a brand new vending machine in San Francisco that dispenses warm, freshly baked baguettes. The Le Bread Xpress vending machine is truly a first but what makes it more special is the convenience it offers.

LeBread Express_Baguette Vending Machine_PSFK.jpg

If you don’t have time to go to the bakery, just head over to the nearest Le Bread Xpress and you’ll be able to get your warm French bread. If you’re worried about the waiting time, there’s no need to because the loaves loaded into the vending machine are already half-baked. When a customer orders bread, the machine then bakes the loaf completely and serves it warm. Moreover, this micro-bakery machine is available 24/7 for those who can’t get enough of their bread cravings.

Le Bread Xpress

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