The multi-story operation will harvest a greater amount of fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment

The majority of vegetables consumed in Jackson, Wyoming during the winter months are shipped in from places as far away as Florida, California and Mexico. A new vertical farm experiment located in the heart of downtown Jackson is hoping to change that. The project, which was conceived in 2009 and named Vertical Harvest is a startup greenhouse that is the brain child of a group of architects, farmers, and municipal officials.

The first seeds of the project were planted this year and if all goes well the three-story greenhouse will be harvesting more than 100,000 pounds of locally grown vegetables annually. It is estimated that the greenhouse will offset 3% of the produce currently being imported into Jackson with crops, that are as varied as butterhead lettuce to sugar pea cress. The crops are now seeing its first harvest, which is now being sold to grocery stores, local restaurants and residents in the 10,000 person town.

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