SurviVR is an immersive environment to teach civilians how to protect themselves in dangerous situations

New York-based Human Condition Safety aims to create technology that keeps workers safe in their industries. The company has just released a virtual reality training program that could save lives by teaching civilians how to protect themselves during dangerous incidents such as a mass shooting or hostage situation.

SurviVR, the unique training tool for active shooter preparedness, creates an immersive environment to demonstrate survival skills. It uses the same advanced technology as the latest video games. The program delivers highly-realistic situations, with multiple VR scenarios that trigger emotions necessary to change behavior. The human instinct to freeze or follow (neither of which are useful in an active shooter situation) is replaced with a response-ready reaction. SurviVR is the only training tool that makes split-second, decisive actions become second nature. The immersive environment, combined with participants’ heightened emotional responses, creates new neural pathways in the brain to ensure they will revert to their training if they ever find themselves in a high-pressure situation.

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