Stay protected for hours at a time by keeping handy capsules on your wrist

SunZee is a strap-on sunscreen dispenser that provides sun protection whenever you need it. Worn on the wrist for on-the-go use, it keeps you protected for hours at a time. SunZee is made from high-grade silicon and features an aluminum buckle and replaceable capsule. You can squeeze out the exact amount you need and simply replace empty capsules by sliding in a new one. The formula used in the capsules is SPF 40,  water-resistant, chemical and paraben-free and quickly absorbed. 

The wristband would be useful for those spending time under the sun whether they're doing extreme sports or day-to-day activities. SunZee is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where early backers can get their hands on a wristband in red, yellow, black, blue or white, along with 30 sunscreen capsules and a neoprene case for a pledge of $45.

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