The futuristic ball provides data feedback on each throw to help players improve their game

Within Wilson’s ‘world’s smartest football' lies a pair of sensors suspended in a web-like fashion which offer statistics behind the distance, speed and mechanical efficiency of each throw. The aim of the Wilson X Connected Football is, like any sports technology before it, to improve performance—and the data-driven feedback provided by the ball should support quarterbacks in completing snugger, more accurate passes to their offensive teammates.

The offset accelerometers nested within the leather ball can mimic a gyroscope, and are capable of not only identifying the rate of movement, but the speed of the ball’s spin as well. As the nose of the ball circles during airtime (a metric known as nutation angle), the sensors draw out the path of the ballpoint – the tighter the circle, the better the throw. The measurement itself has been subsequently coined ‘spiral efficiency,’ and will help players correct the subtle nuances which weaken the proficiency of their form.

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