A London-based agency has launched a tennis drone to promote Virgin Active's clubs across the UK

In time for Wimbledon, London-based agency Hope & Glory invented and launched a tennis drone to promote Virgin Active‘s clubs across the UK. The drone, called Drone-ovic, drops tennis balls from above in an effort to help players improve their serve.

Named after tennis superstar Novac Djokovic, Drone-ovic was created to enable Virgin Active members to practice their smashes to get as good as the man himself.

The balls can be dropped from a variety of heights, with the drone able to place them exactly where the player requires and helping add top spin or splice to their serve. This recreates the sensation of playing against another player, while training them to smash like a Grand Slam pro. Drone-ovic is also fitted with a small 4K camera that provides a unique view of the events on the court, enabling players and their coaches to look at how the training went and analyze their performance.

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