The unique base uses magnets to float your device while replenishing the battery

Imagine rushing home with a dying phone yet instead of plugging it in with an archaic wire or lying it on a wireless charging pad like a rock, you place it gently on a base that lifts it up like magic and replenishes its powers. Giving life to your iPhone just got a lot more exciting: OvRcharge is a levitating wireless charger that floats your phone while it charges.

There are two technologies that play a key role in how it works. The first is wireless charging. Coils in the purpose-built phonecase catch waves of the magnetic field and convert them into electricity that charges the phone. The second technology at work is magnetic levitation. This makes use of electromagnets at the base to provide a spinning magnetic field. Magnets on the phone case react to these forces, counteracting the downward pull of gravity while spinning the phone in a smooth motion.

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