Using the app's in-game stops that players actively seek, Stonyfield will send out curated messages with links to store locators

Pokémon Go remains one of the biggest trends of the summer, and brands are all out trying to connect with thousands of players. Yogurt company Stonyfield is joining the craze by introducing a new set of out-of-app ads.


The brand has teamed up with advertising company Aki Technologies for a four-week-long campaign set to target 10,000 PokeStops. Players will approach one of the stops, an in-game marker that allows players to collect essential items to catch and battle Pokémon. When they then switch to another app, they may receive a Stonyfield advertisement that reads ‘Time to catch a Stonyfield’ and includes a link to a store locator. The ads appear within five minutes of visiting the stop, and while there is no list of which apps Stonyfield will be able to tap into it, it is likely that users will be seeing them frequently. Aki Technologies will also be using the PokeStop ads to monitor foot traffic for future campaigns.

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