The Modern Workforce By Numbers

The Modern Workforce By Numbers

Insights from PSFK's original workplace survey reveal the gap between employer and employee values

  • 19 september 2016

The PSFK Workplace Survey 2016 polled over 140 PSFK readers across social channels, web and email that identify as working professionals—part time, full time and freelance—to share qualitative and quantitative information about their experiences in the workplace.

The picture painted by our original study for PSFK’s The Future of Work report was one of little overlap between employees and employers understanding and appreciation of one other.

Many employees today have a set of values that they share with their peers. When surveying professional’s attitudes toward their current employers, and the impact these perceptions have on morale, motivation and creative thinking, PSFK uncovered that respondents expressed frustration with the impersonal and undirected workplace status quo. Many workers today feel a disconnect between these needs and their work places.

Professionals really appreciate onboarding, but are not formally introduced to the company culture. 83% of respondents didn’t learn about their company culture from a formal training or introduction, leading to feelings of insignificance, 41% feel they have little or absolutely no impact on their company’s broader mission. This makes them look outside the company for opportunities; 65% who want to pursue a powerful idea would leave their company, rather than develop it internally.


Companies can strengthen new hires by including them in social events. 53% of the surveyed professionals identified meeting colleagues and team members as the most important part of their onboarding process, gaining confidence and becoming more integrated into the company ecosystem. Employees who know all their colleagues in the office are 6% more likely to identify as part of team, 4% more encouraged to learn at work, and 6% more interested in pursuing new ideas at the company.


Without organizational change, employers risk losing their budding leaders to opportunities, both corporate and entrepreneurial, where people feel their work has greater direction and impact.

To learn further insights about the evolving landscape of workplace culture and the evolving needs of employees, download the full Future of Work study. 

Download PSFK’s Future of Work report to gain insight into the policies and tools that leading organizations are adopting to attract and cultivate tomorrow’s leaders today. Take advantage of the full findingssummary presentation, workplace visions and exclusive articles to get your company up to speed on the transformational workplace strategies that are driving innovation in business.


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