The vehicle’s engineers used aircraft grade aluminum in hopes of mainstreaming lightweight additive manufacturing

It's no secret that 3D printing is the future of manufacturing. Whether it's jewelry or a new chair, 3D printing allows for more customization while offering an alternative to conventional hardware. APWORKS, a subsidiary of the aerospace oriented Airbus Group, is dedicated to harnessing this additive layer technology for a variety of industries. Its newest creation is an electric motorcycle printed entirely by 3D printing technology.

Light Rider, the world's first 3D prototype for a motorcycle, is 30 percent lighter than traditional electric motorcycles. Its exoskeleton is made of Scalmalloy, an aircraft grade aluminum that is not only light, but provides robust support as well. Though APWORKS only plans on producing a small amount of street legal Light Riders, the technology showcases the potential for lightweight 3D engineering.

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