Adidas’ Activewear Suit Will Let You Run Your Morning Commute With Ease

Adidas’ Activewear Suit Will Let You Run Your Morning Commute With Ease

Capitalizing on athleisure, brands are expanding their footprint by rethinking business attire

Plus Aziz
  • 6 september 2016

In a move targeting ‘salarymen’ in Japan and across Asia, Adidas is introducing a track suit that could fool office colleagues into thinking you’re wearing some kind of trendy business suit. The tailored track suit incorporates Adidas’s proprietary DELTAPEAK stretch fabric and CLIMALITE moisture-absorbing capabilities. It also features the iconic stripes right on the shoulder and sleeves of the jacket, making a fashion statement that is bold and hard to miss.

This is in line with new products we’ve been seeing from ASICS and Quiksilver, both of which have targeted the Japanese market with business suits using innovative textiles and prominently displaying new graphic elements on the business suit.

Quiksilver developed and is marketing a wetsuit-business suit. In a similar vein, their suit incorporates high-stretch fabric called ‘”dryflight,’ propriety to the company and developed in collaboration with 3M. The ad focuses on the idea of standing out and living your passion, rather than being boxed in and being confined by societal expectations.

Below is pictured the one from ASICS (a ferociously anti-conformist brand) which collaborated with ANREALAGE to promote another track suit / business suit currently being sold at a pop-up in Tokyo.



These sartorial expressions reflect how codes of attire are being relaxed and reworked to better integrate with lifestyle choices; this could said to be millennial-driven but more research would need to be done to verify that. From a broader level, we have seen an increased mixing between work and pleasure (think athleisure or bleisure) so these new products reflect new forays as activewear brands work to suss out consumer interest, with Japan being the key test market.



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