An innovative system filters pollutants and its accompanying app monitors quality of the air

WAIR is the first anti-pollution scarf, which offers the wearer a stylish fashion accessory that also performs useful functions. Aimed at cyclists, it integrates an innovative filtration system that filters air pollutants and comes with an accompanying app that provides a real-time air quality index. So riders can ride through the city streets while being informed about the air quality and protecting themselves from pollution.

WAIR founder Caroline van Renterghem set out to design the scarf after becoming unable to cycle through Paris one day due to the emission levels affecting her lungs. She looked into picking up an emission mask, but found them uncomfortable to wear so decided to use her experience in fashion to create a protective new accessory. WAIR claims that bad air quality is responsible for 7 million deaths each year, yet the only affordable protection is a mask, which isn't very efficient when it comes to filtration or style.

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