Montblanc has created a special system that transforms handwritten notes and doodles into easily shareable files

As the world has become more digital, the ways of ink and pen have slowly fallen away. High-end brand Montblanc has found a way to bring the practice to the computer age, with its new augmented paper that translates written work to a digital version.

The kit comes with special paper, a Starwalker writing implement, and a leather organizer that helps to connect the paper to any smart device. The process is simple: the user writes, scribbles, or doodles on the special augmented paper. Once they're done, a simple press of the button on the side of the notebook's holder transfers the print on the page to the Montblanc Hub app that is available for iOS and Android. From there, the content can be easily edited, saved, and shared, perfect for those who miss the days of handwritten notes or hate using laptops in cramped spaces.

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