Beautifully Designed Watch Combines Hour And Minute Hand

Beautifully Designed Watch Combines Hour And Minute Hand

Simpl said the collection was inspired by the design of ancient sundials

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 30 september 2016

Bangkok-based watch brand Simpl has unveiled an unusual new product that bucks convention in the world of timepieces by featuring one hand rather than two on its face.

Instead of incorporating separate hands to indicate the minute and hour as most watch-wearing consumers are likely accustomed to seeing, watches in the Simpl One collection have one hand that narrows to point at a particular hour (the face is divided into 12 hours, like a typical watch—although no numbers or numerals appear, in keeping with the company’s “less is more” philosophy).

simpl watch

To allow the beautifully designed watch to convey minutes as well, each of the 12 segments on the face is divided into five-minute increments. In other words, when the single hand moves two notches past the third hour marker, the time is 3:10.

Simpl co-founder Alisa Kittipong told Dezeen magazine that the collection aims for “complexity within simplicity” and was inspired by one-handed sundials used in ancient times.

Simpl One


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