Bookstore Uses Clickbait Titles To Get People To Read The Classics

Bookstore Uses Clickbait Titles To Get People To Read The Classics

A store in Dallas is trying to get people to read books by framing them as online articles

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 20 september 2016

Reading the classics is often designated as something you do in school, but The Wild Detectives bookstore in Dallas, Texas decided to get everyday readers on board, too. Litbaits is a site that creates posts with clickbait headlines, or titles that are meant to arouse a reader’s interest, to connect readers to classic literature.

Developed with marketing agency Dieste, the site is hosted on Medium and emulates the style of a web-based news outlet. Once readers click on the title, they are lead to a page where they can read the book for free in its entirety.

Dieste’s Chief Creative Officer Ciro Sarmiento said in a press release that the project is meant to expand literary tastes:

“Millennials are used to click bait but we wanted to flip the formula and bring in something useful to the conversation. We’re tricking them into reading. Although it might be deceptive, in the end it’s for a good cause.”


Featured image: Classmate Classroom Sharing via Shutterstock

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