By integrating riders as a part of its staffing, the company hopes to discourage car ownership

Carpooling is an affordable, urban traffic reducing method of transportation employed by various cities and hailing app services alike. Now, a new Denmark-based startup named Spiri is looking to join the party with the addition of its ultra-lightweight electric vehicle. Promising to use only half the energy consumption of a normal car and a quarter of the parts, the company will offer a part product/part service alternative to getting around a city.

What's more, in an unconventional twist of how current ride-sharing services operate, Spiri won’t employ nor contract any drivers of its own. Instead, a driver will begin when they pick up one of the cars, inputs their destination and proceeds to pick up other passengers following a similar route. The catch is that the driver won’t have to pay to use the service as long as they find a rider along the same route, which is an untested yet attractive method of getting users to also do the legwork. The ultimate goal of the 2017 launch is to act as a gateway toward encouraging the use of driverless cars and make car ownership a thing of the past.

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