A group of researchers from Cambridge University have developed a candy bar that promises to give you a youthful glow

Though the link between chocolate consumption and acne has been a highly debated topic among researchers, the mere prospect of greasy skin is enough to deter many from eating the delicacy. Now, a spinoff lab from Cambridge University is promising the opposite effect with the launch of its new candy bar Esthechoc, a treat promised to slow the aging process.

Using an antioxidant found in salmon named astaxanthin—which is also the same antioxidant that ‘keeps goldfish gold and flamingos pink’ according to the researchers—coupled with the same amount of free-radical-fighting polyphenols found in 100 grams of dark chocolate, the promise of a glowing face has never tasted this good. Research has shown positive results for the 50 and 60 year-old testers whose skin biomarkers matched those of 20 or 30 year olds, with decreased inflammation in their skin and a generally healthier tissue state.

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