An architectural firm in China has designed a new type of shared office that prioritizes the natural environment

Co-working spaces have been on the rise for a number of years especially in metropolitan areas. Chinese architectural firm Vermillion Zhou Design Group has developed a new concept for a co-working space that brings the outdoors inside to create a peaceful, fresh atmosphere. The space called Fountown has a farmland theme that maximizes natural sunlight with a heavy focus on wood and glass materials.

Sunlight, air, water and oxygen were heavily considered when designing Fountown in order to create an office that felt as natural as possible. Mirrors are found throughout the space to reflect incoming rays and maximize the natural light in the building. The workspace also includes oxygen cells placed in several areas for workers to recharge in an oxygen rich environment. In an added effort to engage workers in the space there are a number of monkey bars to play on, a yoga room and a stone path that leads to a series of meeting rooms.

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