The office takes its design inspiration from New York and Tokyo, two cities ripe with movement and individuality

A coworking space on Conde de Casal in Madrid looks a lot like an adult playpen. This shared office by Utopic_US is planning to inspire creatives with hammock chairs and stepladders in lieu of cubicles and metal cabinets. They also offer classes on virtual reality.

The design team behind these nooks looked at two of the world’s busiest cities—New York and Tokyo—for inspiration. Both full of life yet ripe with individuality, it’s an odd mix that resulted in a unique and lively space.

The collaboration conducive spaces is also a nod to the Big Apple; Tokyo inspired the painted lanterns hanging from the sky and the ubiquitous gentle texture of polished wood. Movable and modular furnishings, including 15-story high shelves, are clever space solutions.

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