Dashboard Assistant Will Make Your Next Car A Self-Parking Mobile Office

Dashboard Assistant Will Make Your Next Car A Self-Parking Mobile Office

Mercedes is pioneering a new technology that will enable your vehicle to help with driving and work

Jennifer Passas
  • 9 september 2016

The race for automakers to develop functional, safe and reliable self-driving cars is on and Mercedes-Benz is definitely in the running. While self-driving technology continues to be improved upon, Mercedes-Benz has developed a new feature that will enable drivers to be more productive while on the road. The new feature, called In Car Office, is set to launch in 2017 delivering interaction between the information system in the car and the cloud.

Supported by Microsoft Exchange, the smart car will enable connectivity between the driver’s calendar and the car’s dashboard which will automatically set navigation markers to the driver’s destination. The car will also have the ability to review the driver’s to-do list and make suggestions of calls that could be made en-route. Other features such as communicating over WeChat and Skype are planned to be incorporated as the technology improves.

The smart Mercedes will also be able to identify open parking spaces as drivers approach their destination. The technology allows the car to search for parking spots at speeds of up to 34 mph and build a real-time map of the roadside for drivers to view and determine the best spot.

In addition to adding efficiency to the driver’s day, Mercedes Benz is also including a feature called Motion Seating which will move the cushions of the driver’s chair over time to prevent sitting in the same position for the entire journey. Mercedes Benz hopes that in time that the car will be able to sync with drivers’ wearable devices to shape the form of the seat cushion to the condition of the driver’s body. This technology will essentially allow cars to read the driver’s mind and body to determine optimal seating based on how the driver is feeling.

In Car Office will eventually be offered as an option across all Mercedes-Benz models, while Motion Seating will most likely be a feature in the company’s high-end models like the S-Class and Mercedes-Maybach, which already have air-cushion seating.


Image: The image pictured is of the Mercedes me, a personalized digital system specific to each car and driver NOT one of In Car Office

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