Mercedes is pioneering a new technology that will enable your vehicle to help with driving and work

The race for automakers to develop functional, safe and reliable self-driving cars is on and Mercedes-Benz is definitely in the running. While self-driving technology continues to be improved upon, Mercedes-Benz has developed a new feature that will enable drivers to be more productive while on the road. The new feature, called In Car Office, is set to launch in 2017 delivering interaction between the information system in the car and the cloud.

Supported by Microsoft Exchange, the smart car will enable connectivity between the driver's calendar and the car's dashboard which will automatically set navigation markers to the driver's destination. The car will also have the ability to review the driver's to-do list and make suggestions of calls that could be made en-route. Other features such as communicating over WeChat and Skype are planned to be incorporated as the technology improves.

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