Delete Food Pics Off Of Instagram To Feed The Hungry

Delete Food Pics Off Of Instagram To Feed The Hungry

Land O'Lakes and Feeding America are donating meals for every picture of a meal taken off of the social platform

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 28 september 2016

In the age where every aspect of our day is shared, uploading your meal to Instagram is as normal a step as taking the first bite. Land O’Lakes is asking people to remove a food picture in order to help those in need eat.

Delete to Feed is simple to use and understand: once a person accesses the site, they connect to their Instagram account, choose a food photo to delete, and receive a badge they can share to spread the word. Each deleted food will provide 11 meals to those in need through its partner non-profit Feeding America.  The campaign will run until mid-October or until 2.75 million meals are donated. Users can delete pictures up to 40 times, though it has to be done through the campaign’s website and the system will only pull pictures with food captions and hashtags. If anything, it’s a good way to keep up your account of any meal-time snapshots that didn’t get any likes.

Delete to Feed

Featured image: friends using phones to take photos of food via Shutterstock

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