The gag campaign was crafted after the brand's emoji design was denied by the Unicode Consortium

The condom company Durex caught everyone’s attention when it surprised the world with their new product: an eggplant-flavored condom. However, once everyone got excited about it, the announcement turned out to be a hoax and only served as a retaliation to the rejection of Durex’s official condom emoji.

Durex bid for an eggplant emoji was denied by the Unicode Consortium. The goal of the emoji was to promote safe sex to people in the context where many people are already exposed everyday: emoji messaging. When it was rejected, Durex took to social media to start a gag campaign about launching a new savory condom flavor. Unfortunately, there will be no Aubergine-flavored condom hitting the shelves soon, but one thing’s for sure: Durex won this round and got the attention it wanted.

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