Capture, Cut Up, And Configure Your World In 360 Degrees

Capture, Cut Up, And Configure Your World In 360 Degrees

To meet a booming 360 and VR video-capturing industry, a multimedia software company bolstered its media editing suite for 360-video creation

Bogar Alonso
  • 23 september 2016

Industry eyes have long been fixated on the releases of the latest 360 and VR gadgets and accessories as market indicators of a booming field. But what good is the capturing of next-gen user-generated video content without an equally accessible way to cut it up, splice it, reassemble it? Both as a means of responding to a growing market and solidifying a growing trend, multimedia software company CyberLink has launched the latest versions of its Director Series video editing software with integrated tools for 360-video creation.

As Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink, tells it, their primary “goal is to provide consumers with simple yet powerful tools to capture memories and tell stories using the power of 360-degree videos.”

360 Flat mode

Having demoed PowerDirector 15, and the Director Series suite, PSFK can attest to its ease-of-use, seamless integration across the media editing suite, and professional-grade video-editing tool sets that allow you to add the necessary titles, transitions and particle effects one would expect of consumer, semi-professional or (depending on the needs and the user’s creative capabilities) professional 360 and VR video projects.

Especially impressive is the recently unveiled True360 View Designer, which lets you format 360-degree footage into conventional 2D form while playing video-editing wizard: panning, zooming in, and zooming out to your director-at-heart’s content.

(The two videos below compare existing 360-degree content with its View-Designed counterpart.)


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