This Pair Of Eyeglasses Tracks Your Health

This Pair Of Eyeglasses Tracks Your Health

Level combines modern eyewear design with wellness-monitoring technology for a unique new wearable accessory

Azalea Pena
  • 12 september 2016

This pair of eyeglasses won’t just change your vision, it will also change your life. The Shop, VSP’s Global Innovation Lab has created a prototype of Level™, a tech-embedded eyewear that can monitor the wearer’s health activities.

A first of its kind, The Shop partnered with the University of Southern California Center for Body Computing to help researchers integrate a health tracker into the temple of the eyeglass frame. The goal is to seamlessly combine hardware and tech together without inconveniencing the wearer in any way.

Level™ currently has three beautiful designs: Hedy, Nikola and Minsky, names inspired by Hedy Lamarr, Nikola Tesla and Marvin Minsky, respectively. All styles are unisex and have their own modern colors. It was important for The Shop to come up with fashionable styles, as they mirror the stylish eyewear that consumers look for today. Lesie Muller of The Shop explained:

“Designers collaborated with firmware and biomedical engineers, who collaborated with traditional eyewear craftspeople to produce something that is both technologically advanced but still seamless and beautiful. As with any wearable, Level is as much about fashion and individual expression as it is about the brilliant technology inside.”

Aside from the looks, the features of the Level™ eyewear are what make it an uncanny offering in the world of optical wear. Level™ is embedded with a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a magnetometer. All of these tools help to keep track of the how many steps a user takes, how many calories are burned and how much time is spent on physical activities.

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The Shop isn’t stopping here though; the company is also integrating these features into the company’s outreach program Eyes of Hope. All users will have daily goals to achieve everyday through the Level™ app. Once the goals are reached, the wearer earn points. These points are then translated into charity work, meaning the shop will automatically donate an eye exam and a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need.

Jay Sales, co-lead of The Shop explains the motivation behind the integration:

“As a community-based not-for-profit, we’re curious not only about the technology and how it can benefit the individual utilizing it, but also about the motivations that drive certain behavior. Connecting Level to our Eyes of Hope initiative was a perfect way to explore how technology within a platform as common as eyewear could increase health and wellness as well as empathy and opportunity for someone in need.”

Currently, Level™ is undergoing pilot testing that will run until December. By early 2017, the results will be published and perhaps The Shop can determine when the eyewear line is ready for public release.

VSP Global | USC Body For Computing

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