Financing Service Wants To Make Saving Money More Fun

Financing Service Wants To Make Saving Money More Fun
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Qapital is an app designed using a series of set-it-and-forget-it rules to make budgeting more enjoyable

Laura Yan
  • 7 september 2016

Qapital is a set-it-and-forget-it finance app that will help you save for the things you care about. It builds itself around a series of savings rules that will help you save without thinking too hard around it.

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The Set-and-Forget rule, for example, can automatically transfer $55 to your savings each week, for an extra $1,000 by the end of the year. The guilt pleasure rule is for when you can’t resist temptation and indulge in an unplanned expense: the app will trigger a set savings amount to counter it. Other rules will round up your change and put it toward savings every time you make a purchase on a linked car, or pick a cap for the amount you want to spend in one place (when you spend below budget, the app will send the rest of it toward saving for your goal).

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Qapital is also the first finance app to use If This, Then That technology. You can link Qapital with other apps and find unexpected recipes to save. For instance, you can put money into savings every time you check an item off a To-Do List, or link a transfer to a specific hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (#dreamvacation might trigger adding money to your travel fund).

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Your everyday activities will turn into opportunities for savings: the round-up rule will save the change from your morning coffee, while the guilty pleasure rule will throw a little money into your vacation box when you impulsively take yourself out to lunch. Link the IFTTT technology with Fitbit to finish your afternoon walk, reach 10,000 steps and put money toward your rainy day fund.


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