a2 Milk's Blake Waltrip, Chief Executive of the USA region, discusses how the distributor plans on bringing the popular drink for the dairy-sensitive to the States

America has a milk problem, and Blake Waltrip wants to fix that. Contrary to the staggering amount of milk alternatives—soy, coconut, cashew, pea and hemp milk, to name a few—America’s problem is not that it needs more dairy-free options, but simply more dairy. a2 Milk, whom Waltrip signed on with as American Chief Executive in May 2016, was founded in Australia in 2000, but now wants to introduce America to its milk for the dairy-sensitive.

According to extensive research, conducted by both a2 and outside parties, the A1 casein protein can inflame the digestive system. a2 Milk, however, contains only the A2 type of casein protein, as opposed to a combination of A1 and A2 found in most cow milk. This may allow even the dairy-sensitive to comfortably digest a2 Milk. Coupled with studies suggesting that lactose intolerance may even be overstated, The a2 Milk Company aims to provide the wholesome nutrition of cow’s milk to people that can’t regularly consume it.

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