Slick GPS Navigator Gives Directions To Moped Riders

Slick GPS Navigator Gives Directions To Moped Riders

This small, round device attaches to a sideview mirror to display maps for safer traveling

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 23 september 2016

Dutch company TomTom has come up with a solution for people traveling by motorcycle or scooter who need GPS navigation but don’t want to be distracted from watching the road. Enter the Vio: a small round screen that displays a map and route directions.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 11.55.34 AM

Because it attaches to a moped’s sideview mirror, the Vio’s visual display is situated where riders already glance to check on traffic approaching their bike. The device comes pre-loaded with maps (meaning users don’t have to download them regularly) and uses Bluetooth to find travelers’ GPS coordinates.


Vio’s touchscreen can be operated with gloves on—a bonus for riders—and it also has the capability of sending audio instructions to users’ headphones, if looking down at the screen seems too risky. Vio can even preview incoming calls on its display screen, although taking a call while operating a scooter or bike might not be advisable.

The company has made the device slightly customizable to users’ individual bikes by allowing customers to choose among six different colored cases. Even the round, sleek shape of the device itself, in contrast to the rectangular, bulkier GPS devices used in cars, feels like a genuine attempt to tailor the TomTom’s response to the desire for turn-by-turn directions to the particular needs of moped riders.



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