Handbags Crafted From An Old NFL Stadium

Handbags Crafted From An Old NFL Stadium

People for Urban Progress is an up-cycling program that tackles the waste problem of big demolitions

Leo Lutero
  • 29 september 2016

NFL stadiums are scrapped every few years in exchange for new ones. This means a lot of material goes to waste, as well as taxpayers’ money. An initiative called People for Urban Progress from Indianapolis has thought of other ways to deal with the debris.

fabrik bank textile storage people 4 bag messenger for urban progress 3.png
Past NFL stadium banners and roof fabric are now being converted into beautiful bags. They come in fashionable renditions of a clutch, wallet, messenger, tote and handbag. Under the People for Urban Progress clutches, with colors borrowed from banners, are now available for sale.

fabrik bank textile storage people for urban progress 3.png

Proceeds from these projects are donated to People for Urban Progress, which has converted stadium seats into bus stop and park amenities. The Teflon-coated roofing has also become sheds for bus stops. Other textiles not converted into bags are stored in a Fabrik Bank, a potential materials source for local artists.

People for Urban Progress

+People for Urban Progress

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