At $3,199, Smartbe is for parents who look for extra convenience without compromising their child's comfort and security

Can you imagine jogging with your baby without even touching the baby stroller? That’s the premise of Smartbe’s first ever intelligent baby carrier that will put other strollers to shame. We first wrote about the stroller during the infancy of its Indiegogo campaign. Having reached the $80,000 funding goal, the first strollers are planned to hit the streets in December.

While priced at a whopping $3,199, clearly many parents are voicing with their wallets that the money paid is worth it. Smartbe offers hands-free operations, and comes bundled with practically everything a parent and infant might need: you can control stroller functions through an app to automate the canopy, play lullabies, warm the bottle and even climatize the carrier, though it remains to be seen if all of these features will be delivered as promised. Smartbe can also be operated in three modes: self-propelled, power-assisted and manual. The device offers not only a glimpse into the high-end parenting market, but also how AI is reaching into and helping automate many aspects of our lives.

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