Spanish Studio Brings Hotdog Carts Into The Modern Era

Spanish Studio Brings Hotdog Carts Into The Modern Era

El Salchibotxo is a new, sleek version of the food vendor vehicle, one meant to inspire and to nourish

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 22 september 2016

Food trucks have become the next big trend in dining, catering to every kind of taste. The most time-honored are hotdog carts, providing services at beach, parks, fairs, and more. Arquimaña, an architecture and design studio in the Spanish city of Bilbao, is modernizing the concept by selling artisanal versions of the street food.

Entitled, El Salchibotxo, the cart was conceived as part of a commission for Bistro Guggenheim Bilbao, meant to focus on local and artisanal products. The cart has the sleek design and clean design that reflects the aesthetic of the new millennium in the same way its food offerings do. The frame is made of solid steel, has oak surfaces, and custom-made aluminum doors that help to provide shade, and even has a griddle to cook the hotdog fresh rather than boiling them in huge vats of water in the traditional cart, not to mention toasted buns.

Hotdog Carts

To top it off, it carries a full stereo system and a small flower pot on the side.

Hotdog Carts arquimaña

Even the menu is simple, with pictures of the products next to the prices in a white bubble on the cart. It stocks Thate sausages and Bilbao’s own locally brewed beer, La Salve, and can be used outside of the studio or at Bistro Guggenheim events. It is designed to fold together nicely into a triangle shape and to be totally mobile with a set of four wheels underneath. And to tip the hotdog maker? There’s a little coin slot on the side to do so quickly and without having to fumble with the change.

With carts this masterfully designed, no one’s going to want a dirty water hotdog ever again.


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