New iMessage Extension Turns Lyrics Into The New Emojis

New iMessage Extension Turns Lyrics Into The New Emojis

Lyric and music knowledge database Genius creates a new messaging extension that lets people share lyrics to match their mood

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 15 september 2016

The Genius Lyric Message extension will allow users to express themselves in whatever musical genre they want, from rap to pop to jazz. The message can be sent with a number of backgrounds, including the artist’s pictures, Genius colors, or other images from their database. People can even superimpose lyrics over selfies and other pictures from their camera roll and send them, like a more sophisticated Snapchat.


Even if the person doesn’t remember the song or artist, they can look it up by lyric. Once the song is selected, the user highlights the lyrics they want to send with the desired image. In an era where messaging apps are a dime a dozen, including WhatsApp and Telegram, an extension like this might draw users back to Apple’s original text sender, though it can be used through the Genius app without connecting to iMessage. These lyric images can also be saved so you can post them on social media, send them over Slack, use them in an email, or keep it just for posterity.

The extension is available with the iOS 10 update that went live on September 13, 2016, and can be used through the Genius app or can be added in the iMessage extension portal. While this extension might not fully retire the emoji, it will provide a nice alternative to sending the same miniature pictures over and over again.


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