Justin Marshall of creative agency POSSIBLE shares how brands can hack the pay-by-play algorithms built into social networking

“Is influencer marketing dead?”  a client asked 20 minutes into our presentation.

Honestly, it’s a fair question. With FDA guidelines kicking in (#ad, #paid) and several lead marketers claiming to pull funding for overpaid influencers, it seems the bright-and-shiny, guaranteed-to-win influencer marketing approach is losing its appeal.

Great Snapchat stars are original and authentic, creating great content for an audience that loves them—for a reason. When done right, they make a shit-ton of money. But too often we’ve seen those posts filled with disgustingly fake love of, say, a luxury car brand—or that wonderful shampoo that they certainly don’t use—making emoji eyes roll, and ultimately, exposing the fatal flaw in today’s influencer marketing model: media KPIs.

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