One of 2,500, each collection is outfitted with work tools of the world-class quality that's become synonymous with the designer

Iconic and mysterious fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has partnered with German pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell to release a set of art supplies inevitably titled the KARLBOX. “The KARLBOX is a unique homage to Karl Lagerfeld as well as an expression of the symbiosis between artist and tool,” explains the website.

The website outlines that the collaboration is a homage to the intense luxury of Karl Lagerfeld’s creations and the enabling nature of Faber-Castell’s products. It is a liaison that “unites the traditional values of the family-owned company Faber-Castell with the modern, unique and innovative spirit and style of Karl Lagerfeld. It is a symbol for the long term relationship of both brands and represents the symbiosis of the fashion, art and design worlds.”

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