Letter From The Founder: PSFK’s New Future Of Work Report

Letter From The Founder: PSFK’s New Future Of Work Report

Piers Fawkes introduces the strategies that will cultivate an open, collaborative and dynamic relationship between companies and their employees

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 13 september 2016

To embrace a new army of motivated and capable believers, companies need to be willing to make those extra steps to immerse these workers into the inner-workings of the organization, to invest in iterative learning, to spend time engaging them, and then to provide platforms that allow them to elevate new ideas and lead the future of the organizations.

In our last report on the Future of Work, we learned how companies will thrive if they can adapt as the market around them changes. Key ingredients were a flexible workforce and a dynamic culture.

A few years later, many more companies are being affected by disruption and market change. Meanwhile, a new set of employees – whether they be entry-level millennials, career-swappers or folks returning to the workforce – seem emotionally and intellectually ready for a new way of working. They understand that business is now evolving and that work will change with it. They no longer want to just ‘come to work’ but they want to be part of something: they sense (and demand) that their roles are symbiotic with the organization rather than ones of servitude.

Companies that employ the strategies described in this new Future of Work report will be able to embrace an open, collaborative and dynamic relationship with their workers. This approach to onboarding, training and opportunity will help organizations of all types lead their markets by being able to drive change.

I trust you will learn from the broad array of ideas in this report!

–Piers Fawkes

Founder, PSFK Labs

Download PSFK’s Future of Work report to gain insight into the policies and tools that leading organizations are adopting to attract and cultivate tomorrow’s leaders today. Take advantage of the full findingssummary presentation, workplace visions and exclusive articles to get your company up to speed on the transformational workplace strategies that are driving innovation in business.


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