Location-Sensing Device Lets Your Home Send Push Notifications

Location-Sensing Device Lets Your Home Send Push Notifications

The wall-mounted badge transmits relevant information updates depending on your proximity

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 8 september 2016

Nowadays data is widespread, and as much as it empowers us by informing decisions, it also swarms our screens, cluttering every device we own. The need for actionable data is of much greater significance than any old input: how many more pointless push notifications are we willing to put up with? Introducing dot, a physical push notification mountable on most surfaces to drive contextually relevant and intelligent information to smartphones and tablets within the vicinity.

With a Bluetooth 4.0 proximity sensor complete with a radius of up to 200 feet, the little node understands the relative location of in-range devices and interprets behaviors and patterns in the places the make up your life to distribute better information upon your next arrival. In turn, users get ultra precise location data, and more importantly the ability to form creative interfaces anywhere.


The proximity sensor works by communicating with accompanying smartphones via an iOS/Android application, and triggers various reactions depending on the setup. For instance, you can program the device to launch relevant apps or send messages, such as dropping digital post-its in front of the fridge to remind your roommates to take out the trash. By simply walking in a room, you can start your coffee machine and adjust thermostat preferences. Place it in your car to instantly open your GPS app while your favorite Spotify playlist comes on.


The versatile tool supports many applications, and will soon feature its own app store of interactions to further streamline the already seamless execution of syncing commands between phone and dot. Users will be able to publish their own system controls to the ecosystem, contributing to one of the more innovative tastemakers within the Internet of Things space.



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