Device Makes Digital Currency Feel Tangible

Device Makes Digital Currency Feel Tangible
Financial Services

The concept gadget wants you to experience the highs and lows of spending money

Conner Dial, Fashion Editor
  • 26 september 2016

The accessible convenience of digital payment methods comes at a cost: money feels less tangible. Of course, we still have our money, but it exists in the cyber dimension, not in bill denominations in our wallet. NewDealDesign, a San Francisco-based design firm known for combining innovative technology with product design, conceptualized a device that makes brings tactility to digital transactions.

Scrip, made of copper and no bigger than a chip, wants users to feel the physicality of making a purchase. Comprised of electromechanical pins, Scrip’s surface generates a variety of textures and symbols to indicate transactions. Users swipe across the gadget, mimicking the action of counting bills, to give and receive payments. Scrip can be loaded with funds from a phone, bank account, or ATM.

Although Scrip is only a digital currency design concept, it raises interesting questions on the cognitive effects of how we handle transactions.

Scrip’s changing surface is meant to stimulate both the positive and negative emotions humans feel when spending or receiving money. Overall, it aims to give the buyer a palpable feeling of control over their money, which in the last decade has become increasingly abstract.

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