Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has created a new iOS app meant to help patients track mental progress and set goals

Even with medication and therapy, depression can be a difficult condition to manage. The new Moodivator app is aiming to add another tool to the arsenal by giving patients a concrete and easy way to track their progress.

Created by Pfizer, the free app is meant to help people with depression stay on track with their goals and treatment plan by allowing the user to create goals, track their moods, and see progress reports. The app comes with pre-set goals if users aren't sure where to start or they can create their own. Moodivator also has a built-in sliding mood scale to encourage users to keep track of their feelings, as well as a detailed note-taking system to work through why certain emotions might be triggered. Results can be easily shared with both the patient and their caretakers to make a better, more nuanced plan as they go through the process.

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