At the fast food chain's new eatery diners will find macchiatos and macaroons instead of its signature burgers

McDonald's has opened a McCafé in Paris that doesn't resemble the typical fast food franchise: it's modeled after a boutique coffee shop with an open kitchen and cafe-style tables that can seat up to 30 patrons. The McCafé doesn't have the bright M logo on the outside; it has a pared down, black exterior with a clean interior to resemble that of any Starbucks branch. There are absolutely no burgers or fries in sight.

A refrigerated bar sells to-go snacks like yogurt and sandwiches. The cafe also offers a large selection of desserts and pastries, and heartier meals like soups and bagels. According to Business Insider, McDonald's opened several standalone McCafés in urban cities in Canada last year, serving menu items like quinoa edamame and mandarin salad and kale and brussels sprout salads.

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