Three designers have crafted a proposal to create a surface that will blend seamlessly into the background while collecting condensation

California is having one of the worst droughts in its history, meaning that residents of the state are doing their best to conserve water and keep forest fires under control. Three designers are trying out a new solution to the problem by using a mirrored wall on the famous Santa Monica Pier to catch the condensation of the morning fog. The Santa Monica Wall is a proposal created by Santiago Tolosa, Hailong Li, and Roman Cervantes as their submission for the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative.

The wall would be made of reflective material that would be able to trap the moisture of the fog without absorbing it. The 500-meter wall is also designed in such a way that it would blend into the landscape of the historic pier, which is important considering that it is one of the most famous photographed Californian tourist attractions.

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