A new eye examination technology could help millions around the world with uncorrected sight

It is estimated that uncorrected vision affects more than 1 billion people globally. This is a result of two issues: lack of access to eye-care professionals and high cost. Smart Vision Labs is hoping to transform the vision care industry with innovative technologies that solve both accessibility and financial barriers. The company has leveraged a telemedicine platform for eye doctors and a self-guided vision testing kiosk to provide access to eyeglass prescriptions anywhere, anytime.

Smart Vision Labs has created a mobile autorefraction device that allows individuals to use a smartphone to capture images of the eye and measure how light passes through the lens to determine a prescription. Traditional autorefraction instruments can weigh upward of 50 pounds, cost $50,000 and are tied to a desktop. Smart Vision Labs’ co-founder and CEO Yaopeng Zhou explains further saying that “by leveraging the smartphone we’re able to lower the cost significantly and fit everything into a palm-sized device.”

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