Premium baby stroller company Bugaboo has transitioned to building a smarter suitcase

Bugaboo, a company known for premium strollers that sell for over $1,000 per set, is moving into the realm of luggage. Unsurprisingly, the company is sticking with its price range, but including a host of unique smart features to help incentivize buyers.

Dubbed the Bugaboo Boxer, the luggage is more aptly described as a system rather than just bags. The set includes three main components. The Bugaboo Boxer Travel Case is the roomiest and it’s designed to be checked-in. Inside is a 64-liter cavity making it ideal for longer trips. The Cabin Case, as the name suggests, is smaller and fits in the overhead bin perfectly. These two bags share a single set of wheels call the Bugaboo Boxer Chassis.

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