PSFK’s Future of Work report explores how technology is being leveraged to support cross-team communication

Mentorship comes in many forms. It can either be lending a hand to fix the printer, a part of an onboarding process or an important legacy of the field. Regardless of mentorship scale, companies today leverage new technology to facilitate supportive communication­­—an efficient way to harness the knowledge and passions of current and even former employees.

In our new Future of Work report, PSFK Labs explores why mentorship is an integral factor in hiring and retaining valuable employees. In a 2016 report from PwC, 28% of the entering workforce identifies working with mentors as the most valuable corporate development tool. “Mentor programs help attract, retain and develop top talent…they are low cost with a high impact return,” says Jenny Dearborn, SVP and Chief Learning Officer at SAP. To attract talent, businesses utilize mentorship to display that employees are valued in the organization.

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