The MTA is offering short stories to passengers while they wait to promote new underground Wi-Fi accessibility

The NYC subway can be rather unpleasant, but the experience is about to get better thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and a new program called Subway Reads. Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York announced a new initiative which will allow riders to download and read short stories and novellas published by Penguin Random House on the train.

“New York's transportation network must continue adapting to the changing needs of its ridership and a key part of that is delivering the amenities that have become essential components of everyday life,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement announcing the program. “Bringing Wi-Fi into underground stations helps riders stay connected throughout their commute, allowing them to check in with friends or family and access news or entertainment. We've made tremendous progress in modernizing the system and Subway Reads is a fun way to introduce riders to the new Wi-Fi experience.”‎

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